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Owners will find their pet's surgery to be a positive experience. The surgery suite at Nassau Veterinary Clinic is a spacious, clean area where your pet receives customized, personal attention during surgical procedures.

After being admitted by the surgical technician, each pet is thoroughly examined by the veterinarian. Bloodwork is run just prior to surgery. In-house Vet Test 7007 Chemistry Analyzer and QBC machines quickly and accurately determine if there are potential internal organ abnormalities. Bloodwork results are actually a "window" through which your veterinarian can "see" into your pet's body to evaluate the health of their internal organs. Changes in surgical protocol may be made based on these results. NVC uses technologically advanced anesthetics (such as Telezol, Propofol and Isoflurane) as well as pain management recommendations that allow for safer induction and recovery of your pet.

The veterinarian uses an individual sterile surgical pack of instruments for each patient. During anesthesia, a trained Licensed Veterinary Technician closely monitors your pet with a pulse oximetry machine that measures heart rate and the percent of oxygen in the bloodstream. Once in recovery, your pet is placed on thick comfortable blankets in the treatment room where staff can monitor his condition. These precautions all allow for safer surgery, which shorten the length of the hospital stay.

Your pet's surgical technician or veterinarian will personally call after the procedure is complete to update you on the status of your pet. NVC seeks synergy of the finest in medical care with what's most comfortable for you and your pet. Upon request, owners can be provided with beepers for immediate communication. Owners can even arrange to be right with their pet during anesthesia induction and recovery. Because surgery can be stressful for owners as well as pets, NVC strives to make each surgical case as safe and pain free as possible.


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