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Second Hand Dogs!

The program develops in two steps. Step one is a free seminar for the owners of newly adopted adult dogs. Attending and presenting at each seminar are experienced staff from our clinic as well as from local shelters and rescue professionals that participate in the program. So there is always ample time for discussion and all questions that come up during the presentation. The second step of the program is a six-week training course for owners and their dog. The class is based on positive training and is an introduction to basic obedience with special focus on trust and relationship building skills - so critical for the successful integration of any second hand dog with their new family. Owners and their pets will receive coaching regarding socialization, handling, leadership, and training.

At the conclusion of the program, owners will have the opportunity to continue their training with our AKC Canine Good Citizen (with therapy dog preparation), agility classes, rally class, and the all new Tails on Trails class.