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Classes Offered at Nassau Veterinary Clinic

Nassau Veterinary Clinic is committed to having, well-mannered pets in order to keep them in loving homes and out of shelters. Fun, positive training classes are a great way to build great habits and create healthier bonds between dogs and their owners. Through programs like Puppy Parties, training classes, behavior counseling and the Responsible Pet Owner Program, Nassau Vet supports owners in their pursuit of an appropriate relationship with their dogs, and realistic expectations for their dog's behavior. Please click on any of the links below to learn more about the program.

Canine Good Citizen!
Puppy Kindergarten
Finishing School for Adolescents!
Tails On Trails - Check out the "ToT Gallery"!
Second Hand Dogs!
Puppy Parties!
Tracking 101!


Call 766-2636 for updated class schedules, enrollment, and fees.