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Our Staff: Dr. Rose Broglio (Floetenmeyer)

As long as I can remember, my goal has been to be a veterinarian. That dream has come true for me and I've always felt very fortunate that I continue to love my career choice.

My favorite aspect of veterinarian medicine is surgery. This is an area that I always hope to continue my expertise in.

When I am away from the clinic, I am home with my family. I was blessed to meet my husband Michael and be married in 2002. Now we have a wonderful 2 1/2 year old little boy named Conner and a sweet little 1 year old girl, Laney. Having children has definitely been a life altering and wonderful experience! I love being a mom and find it hard being away from them! We spend lots of time playing and learning together.

I still enjoy my interests of hiking, traveling, and being outdoors. As the kids get older hopefully we can do some more camping trips and traveling.

I also have a 12 1/2 year old Belgian Shepherd, "Keya". She is pretty mello and deaf now but willing to go for long walks when we can. She mostly enjoys staying around the children to see what treats just happen to fall on the floor!

Veterinarian at NVC since 1993
Educated: DVM, 1991 Cornell University

Professional Interests: Internal Medicine, Preventive Medicine and Surgery

GOAL: To practice high quality medicine in a compassionate environment and recognize companion animals as members of the family. Educate pet owners about important preventive healthcare measures, which help ensure a long healthy life for their pet.